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About Lakeside Animal Hospital

Mission Statement
Lakeside Animal Hospital is committed to providing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options available.  All veterinary patients treated at our facility receive this type of care delivered with diligence and compassion.  Clear and effective communication with clients is paramount for achieving successful outcomes in the treatment of their pets.  With recognition of the importance of these operating principles we are able to strengthen the human-animal bond.

Lakeside Animal Hospital has been serving the greater Oshkosh area pet population’s medical needs for over two decades.  The practice was formerly known as Elbing Animal Hospital located on Jackson Street.  Elbing Animal Hospital was purchased by Dr. Herman Schatz in 1978.  Lakeside Animal Hospital’s current location was constructed in 1983.  The facility was expanded and remodeled over the summer and fall of 2000. Dr. Herman Schatz practiced in these locations until his retirement in 2006.  He maintained his license in veterinary medicine until 2011, in order to volunteer his time at our local humane society spaying and neutering cat and dogs.

Dr. Todd Schatz became the sole owner of Lakeside Animal Hospital in 1999.  He currently works with our three associate veterinarians to offer comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental services for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and small mammals.  We find that a great majority of our clients are very devoted in providing the best possible medical and surgical care for their animals.