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Preventative Healthcare

Owning a pet requires a commitment to their health. Preventative and proactive health care are important in order to prevent and detect potential diseases processes. Unfortunately, despite appropriate health care, some diseases can arise that requires further diagnostics and treatments. Listed below are some of the services that are available to the clients and patients at Lakeside Animal Hospital.

Comprehensive routine Health Exams

Includes thorough physical exam, fecal testing for parasites, blood test for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, heartworm testing for dogs.


Includes core vaccinations such as DA2PP for dogs, FVRCP for cats, rabies vaccination, and other non-core vaccinations for diseases dependent upon your pet’s lifestyle.


Included in the routine health exam, your veterinarian with provide education about weight management, providing a balanced diet, grooming care, dental care, nail trimming, signs of poor health, etc.


This process involves insertion of a chip, not much larger than a grain of rice, underneath the skin of your dog or cat.  This chip carries a coded number which is specific to your pet.  The owner is then responsible for registering this microchip number into a database (free online service) in order to link the number with the owners contact information. Microchips are useful should your pet be lost and presented to a humane society or veterinary office.  Microchips have helped re-unite over 1 million animals with their families since this service started in the early 1990’s.

Geriatric Medicine

Older pets often require more extensive and frequent care for age related health issues such as diabetes, kidney disease, weight management, and osteoarthritis.  The veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and entire staff at Lakeside Animal Hospital will work with you to obtain optimal health for your pets regardless of their age.